The Ballot Beckons

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the largest collective democratic act in the history of mankind.
The next 35 days will witness relentless campaigning, unabashed trumpeting and unfortunately, equally intensive mudslinging. Within the next 35 days, India will have made up its mind as to which party will command the corridors of power for the next 5 years.

Every vote counts
But these elections are of a deeper significance. These elections are a test of India's allegiance to the ethos of pluralism, diversity, democracy and secularism. They are a public referendum on the ideals which the populace believes we should follow. Vote carefully this time around and do not let your ballot be chosen on flimsy grounds. If you intend to make a difference, have an equal say in the way your nation is run, the ballot is the way to go.

Yes, there is no doubt that the world of politics is muddied with religious tangles, intricate caste equations and a plenitude of divisive community leaders. Today's public discourse is stopping to standards lower than what one would have ever imagined.

There is no dearth of reasons for anyone to deplore the fecklessness and venality of India’s politicians. For nigh on seven decades, they have had a free hand running the country. They have perfected the fine art of subverting Constitutional procedures, disregarding their ideologies and even contradicting themselves in the most embarrassing manners possible.

This election too has had its fair share of party-hopping and opportunistic alliance-making but this time round, at least there are no vulgar displays of power and influence in the public sphere. The meteoric rise of the Aam Aadmi Party is a case in point. The electorate today expects a government to perform, to remain grounded to the earth and not drift away in the opium of power and the netas have had to change accordingly.

The landmark Anna Hazare led anti-corruption movement has brought out the long-secluded middle class into the political sphere. The winds of change are sweeping through our polity, changing it for the better. There has been no other election which carries such a tremendous potential to facilitate change as this one does. If we forego this chance, we might miss the bus forever.

Let’s forget the bitterness of the past and have a new India built on mutual trust. Let the finger-pointing ritual be over now. These elections will undeniably have a long-reaching impact on India's future, the tomorrow which we all are part and parcel of. Without our active involvement, the country will forever be tossing on the waves, like a drifting raft that is unlikely to ever reach the harbor of prosperity.

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