The Gandhi Congress and The RSS BJP

"My dream is a Congress without a dynasty and a BJP sans RSS" - Ramchandra Guha

The realization of this dream remains a far-fetched aspiration. Not only due to the refusal of the respective parties to shed the political patronage of the dynasty and the RSS but also because these parties also derive all credibility and viability from these institutions.

Rahul is a 5th generation Congress leader
I have already argued, albeit indirectly, that the Congress needs dynasty (read : Rahul) in order to be able to survive post-2014 ( The Congress has been known to deviate from it's socialist path on occasions (in 1991 and again in the last years of UPA 2 when it unveiled at the last minute a flurry of economic reforms including the controversial FDI in Retail) and pretty much has no particular ideology it has always stuck to (except secularism which is hardly a cause which can rally much public support).

Meanwhile on the other hand, the BJP is also inseparable from the RSS. Let us not forget the BJP was formed after it's founders split from the Janata Party on the issue of dual membership of the RSS as well as the Janata Party. Narendra Modi himself has his roots in the RSS and managed to get crowned as the PM Candidate only after he received the blessings of the RSS high command.

The reason why BJP is on the ascendant today is due to it's highly motivated cadre (which it shares with the RSS) and it's regional satraps (many of whom have roots in the RSS). From the grassroots worker in the BJP to Narendra Modi, everyone here is a product of the RSS. Besides, even the BJP has no decided ideology. While it's Prime Ministerial Candidate indulges in bulldozing the Congress for it's socialist schemes, it's chief ministers in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh just got re-elected on the backs of their welfare schemes. The only constant in BJP since it's formation has been the RSS and it's right-wing Hindu-state ideology.

The RSS has long dominated the BJP
Thus, while both these parties are nowhere without their patrons, it is also true than undue interference in everyday functioning and intra-party issues has hurt both parties. While the 'remote-controlling' of state governments from 10 Janpath and the lack of interest and enthusiasm in cultivating regional-level satraps has destroyed the Congress in vast swathes of the country, the BJP is similarly affected. For example, Moral policing by Bajrang Dal in coastal Karnataka left the BJP unable to win a handful of seats from the region (which has been termed a 'Hindutva Laboratory') in the assembly elections.

The youth of today cares not for the cause of Hindutva (which the RSS champions) or does not believe the Ram Mandir is a political issue on which elections must be fought (Modi has wisely avoided talking about these issues openly). The BJP's stance on certain issue has been a throwback to antediluvian times and the RSS is still stuck in the medieval ages of orthodoxy.

An India without a Congress would be disastrous (whatever Narendra Modi thinks about it ) as would an India without a BJP. A healthy democracy needs a strong government and an equally strong opposition. Imagine a situation wherein the main Opposition party has about 30-40 Lok Sabha seats. It wouldn't be able to challenge the ruling party on any issue, a lame-duck opposition of sorts. What India needs is an independent Congress guided by and not pivoted around the Gandhi family and a BJP which is not joined at the hip with the RSS.

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