Is Education Really Everything?

 My English Examinations, had this essay topic in it - "One does not need education only in order to achieve success in life. What do you think of this statement?" Having answered it, I thought I might as well share my views on this topic with the world at large. So here goes (I'm just typing out my essay on the post)  -
It is widely believed that education is a shortcut or recipe to success. I disagree. Education is hardly a route to achieving success. One could be educated, but is is definitely not necessary that he will be successful unless he really wants to and puts his heart and soul into achieving it. Education does however boost your chances of becoming successful but it isn't an end in itself. Education will provide you with a base, a strong and solid foundation but it is completely up to you to build upon it.

Education instills in you the ability to meet the constant challenges life throw at you. It will enrich your knowledge but we can achieve these very same qualities without receiving an education too. Talent, determination and hard work always pay off, whether you are educated or not.

A classic example to illustrate this point would be King Akbar the Great, the third Emperor of the Mughal Dynasty. King Akbar was illiterate; he lacked the skills of reading and writing. But he had the will to make his Empire prosperous. He had the zeal to do so and that is why he remains one of the few monarchs who have been honored with the suffix 'The Great.' His greatness lies primarily in his open-mindedness and secularism. He had a broad mind which he developed himself without an education.

King Akbar The Great
Now let us take the example of his great-grandson, Aurangzeb, one of the greatest tyrants in Indian History. He was highly educated but he lacked the very same qualities his forefather had and which had served him so well - liberalism. This example proves my point - education isn't everything.

Education as I have mentioned before is a launch pad but you are the one who has to launch yourself. You build upon your education in order to success. We need curiosity, grit, hard word and a lot of other qualities in order to succeed, not only education. When you have all of them, you have the perfect recipe to taste success.

Additional : Now to think about it, even the fact that I am writing this blog isn't completely thanks to my education. It was only thanks to my habit of reading like a bookworm that I can do so. Definitely, my education would have helped considerably but it wasn't the sole cause.


  1. Hi This is good thought. Probably you would like to say Education meaning formal system of EDucation

    1. Thank you very much! Yes, definitely I'm speaking only about the formal system of education i.e in schools, colleges and university. In it's totality, education is a never-ending process right from your birth to your death!


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