T-State Troubles

The moment of decision has finally come, 50 years after the demand for a separate Telangana state was originally made. A moment that comes but rarely in history – the moment when an age-old dream turns into ground reality and the sacrifices of thousands becomes meaningful – has materialized.

Andhra Pradesh has seen some fiery protests over this issue
Not much water has passed in the River Krishna since the long-awaited decision of the Congress Working Committee (CWC) over this Telangana quandary was finally announced. But its counter reaction is manifesting itself fiercely in Seemandhra, i.e. Coastal Andhra and Rayalseema which together along with Telangana make up Andhra Pradesh.

The population of these two regions has always been daggers drawn to the idea of a separate Telangana state for various reasons. Political leaders are only aggravating the issue, stoking the fire. While Telangana is drowned in a sea of jubilation, Seemandhra is burning bright. But here's why the carving out of Telangana is a win-win situation for both the states - Andhra and Telangana in the long-run.

Traditionally, it's always been Coastal Andhra which has been more prosperous than Telangana by virtue of being ruled directly by the British unlike Telangana which was under the Nizam of Hyderabad. Even up to today, the situation is the same. Rayalseema, is even more impoverished than Telangana, but is too small to be politically and economically viable as a separate state.

After independence, Hyderabad was chosen as the capital of a united Andhra for it already had the necessary infrastructure thanks to the Nizam. The people of Coastal Andhra, being comparatively rich poured in their money into this city, which served as the powerhouse of united Andhra's economic prowess. Now that there's a split, a flight of capital is inevitable. In the next ten years, we all can expect Seemandhra investors to pull out their money to invest in the new capital of Seemandhra, wherever it shall be.

So we can expect all of Seemandhra’s cities to reap the benefits of this split in the next ten years. While Coastal Andhra might lose a large part of its water resources, it shall be more than compensated by its lengthy coastline. Already in the past few years we have seen a healthy investment in ports in Coastal Andhra. We can expect the boom to get a renewed push by the new government. What Andhra loses shall be more than repaid for by virtue of its coastline and its new capital and the new jobs which shall be created as a result of the administrative split.
A Resurgent Hyderabad :Political Stability is back

The flight of capital from Hyderabad to Coastal Andhra by now way means that we will witness a downfall in Hyderabad. In the past few years, there has been a decline in Hyderabad's investment and position as a software hub thanks to political instability. Now that we shall see after 10 years, renewed stability we can expect it to regain its former glory. Also of course, there shall be a huge job creation process thanks to the setting up of a new administration. And Telangana shall get its precious water resources, giving a fillip to agricultural activities there.

So in the long-term both Seemandhra and Telangana have a lot to gain from this potential split. If the political hurdles are crossed, both Telangana and Seemandhra shall be reaping economic benefits from this split. It's time both parties realize this and accept it. Here’s hoping they join hands together and accept Telangana as the 29th child of Mother India.

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