Gaffe Experts

Indian politics seems to be full of gaffe-experts, cutting across all political parties and ideologies. We have some of the most loud-mouthed leaders  who have the ability to make a mountain of even the tiniest molehill that they can find. They retain the ability to make some seriously ridiculous statements, followed by exceedingly ridiculous apologies and u-turns.

The Unquestioned Gaffe Machine : Mr. Digvijay Singh
Of course, the clear front runner in this rat-race to be the biggest gaffe-experts is Mr. Digvijay whose rubbish-speaking capabilities are unmatched. It seems that every word which sprouts from his mouth ends up being highly controversial and downright stupid. What's amazing is that even though he keeps expressing his nonsense and continues to embarrass the Congress and the Government, he is never restricted by anyone. 

His closes runner-up, though far behind is the BJP National President Mr. Rajnath Singh, who's been in the limelight for his statements on English. He categorically stated that English was the root cause for the decline of Sanskrit and that it was ruining the Indian culture. Mr. Rajnath Singh, these statements aren't helping you woo the rural population and the urban middle-class, whom you are desperately trying to woo are quite disenchanted with these statements.

Of course, I don't want to miss the so-called messiah of the masses, the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. His kutte-ka-bachha comment hasn't really helped improve his already-tarnished secular image. Oh and of course, let's not forget the 'burqa of secularism'. If he is trying to polarize the electorate further, he isn't luring any votes into his camp, just sending them in droves into the 'secular camp.'

Deep in thought : Any new gaffes Mr. Modi?
And on critical examination, we find that the idea that Modi is a 'Hindu Nationalist' really means absolutely nothing and the break-up that he has offered for this term i.e being a Hindu and a nationalist, sounds so childish, that we can realistically imagine it from the words of a six-year old. Why he is out to ruin his much-fancied chances of becoming India's PM, I don;t really understand.

Oh and then to add to the growing debate over the recently announced poverty data, we had a host of UPA leaders offer some really stomach-filling meals at various dirt-cheap rates in metropolises like Mumbai and Delhi. According to them, one can 'fill their stomach' for 12 Rs 5 Rs and even a whopping 1 Rs. To the last one, it's fully probable if you can count the Center Fresh Chewing Gums available in the market as a 'stomach filling meal.' I tend to buy a whole lot of them. Surprisingly, they don't seems to be so stomach filling to me.

I can't imagine how these stupid statements help them with their electoral fortunes or pander to their vote banks. And these are just but the choices examples I have seen within the past one week or so. Dig deeper into the Indian political landscape and your'e sure to find a treasure trove of them. 


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