The Big Brother Grows Old

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the death of the Soviet Union, the USA became the sole superpower of a uni-polar world. For more than two decades, it was the leading light of the world, a country respected and admired by many. It had the final say on every matter, be it environmental, economic or political. It's President was virtually the uncrowned King of the world.

This Big Brother of the World is growing old now; slowly but steadily. His energy levels are dropping, the vibrancy of youth is vanishing and weariness is creeping into it's bones. It's economy is yet recovering from a crippling recession and so is that of it's major allies across the world.

It's military, though the strongest, is fast losing ground to that of other countries. Immigration into the USA is slipping, a clear sign that the USA is losing sheen. Unemployment is high, government debts enormous and it's population aged.

But most importantly, USA is losing it's influence over the world. The once iron-fisted hegemony it had over the other countries of the world is slipping alarmingly fast. The USA once exercised a veto on any and every matter, be it in or outside the UNSC. Today, outside the walls of the UNSC this veto is no longer existent.

More and more countries are defying it's will. It's facing rising competition from other countries- namely China and Russia. A global re-alignment seems to be on the cards with new signs of growing bonhomie between these two. They seem to have emerged as the major challengers of the USA along with considerable support from states like Syria, Iran and North Korea, all of whom the USA would like to term 'rogue.'

The USA has been unable to do anything concrete in the Syrian Civil War, constantly hampered by Russia and to a lesser extent, China. It's been two years since the war begun and the only action the USA has taken is to decide to arm the Syrian rebels with Small and Light Weapons (SALW). A token gesture, this too, for it is surely not going to change the tide of the war.

It also failed to stop the Palestanian Liberation Organization, the sworn enemy of it's close ally Israel from getting observer status in the United Nations. It was a humiliating defeat, with almost all countries voting against the USA including those of Europe.

In Iran, it seems to be unable to exert any pressure on the regime to stop 'civil nuclear program.' Again, China and Russia have been instrumental in doing this. Same is the case in North Korea, which stubbornly refuses to traverse the same path as the USA on any topic whatsoever.

It's army has faced reversals in Afghanistan. It's mission there is bound to fail. Come 2014, when the US forces withdraw, the Taliban shall regain it's lost strength. Al-Qaeda, though facing many losses, isn't completely demolished yet and is just waiting for a chance to strike back. The new Pakistani Government is seemingly hostile towards it.

Furthermore, it's economy seems to be dominated by China. Most of the Government's debt is sourced from China. Chinese products flow in the US market like the Amazon. If China wishes, the USA's economy will crumble into nothing.

Signs of the USA's decay are obvious now. It's time as the top dog seems to be ending soon.  The big brother of the world is growing old and weak, it needs to replaced. Either that or by some miracle, it's infused with a fresh lease of life.


  1. Hi Ravi,
    very noice article...keep it up


  2. Thanks a lot for the encouraging words. They have been most encouraging.

    Thanks once again,
    Ravichandra Tadigadapa


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