Sorry State of Affairs

Latest news reports say that the death toll cause by the massive floods in Uttarakhand is likely to touch a thousand. Even though, good progress has supposedly been made in rescue efforts, thousands still remain stranded in remote areas, virtually cut-off from the rest of the world.

The people here live in inhuman conditions, without food and drinking water. Reports have poured in of 'rotis' selling at an astonishing 150 Rs and rice at 500 Rs. Overnight, mineral water seems to have turned into a nectar, selling for anything above 200 Rs. Besides this, they have to walk treacherous territory, filled with dangers and hope that they can survive to see the next dawn.

No doubt, that this is not only the fault of the weather god (whoever he/she is) but also due to inefficient rescue missions and lack of coordination between all the groups involved in them. Let's not get started on disaster management, which the Government has no idea of whatsoever.

Sources say that it could take up to 3 years for yatras (yearly trips) to Kedarnath to begin. Pictures and videos flashing across the news channels show that all roads have been washed away and only the Kedarnath temple stands in the middle. It's extremely ironic that this ancient temple stands unharmed while modern 21st century roads are washed away.

The Uttarakhand Government no doubt has been inefficient and slow in responding to the tragedy. To top it all, they have started with their political gimmicks, with Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna categorically stating that there would be a 'mahayagna' for the departed souls.

With the Congress behaving like this, the BJP can't be too far behind, can it? Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the so-called 'messiah' of the urban masses has tried to take advantage of this disaster by visiting Uttarakhand personally and giving his whole-hearted sympathy to all the victims. Well, we saw his humanity in the early 2000's.

He tried all the gimmicks - donating money for relief efforts(no obviously, it wasn't his own money; it was the state government's), touring flood-hit areas from a helicopter and meeting the chief minister and then giving a press release on how he and the people of Gujarat care so much for the people of India. I am sure he had all those supporters of his swooning by the end of the day.

What's almost as bad as this calamity and it's disastrous management is the games the politicians are trying to play in them. It's most disgusting to see them behave like this; they who are supposed to govern us. But then it's India isn't it? The political state of affairs here has always been sorry.

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