Grow Up, You'll are 66!

As news pours in of the supposed Pakistani ceasefire violation on the Line Of Control (LOC) which led to the death of a Indian soldier, hopes of a turnaround in the perennially downhill Indo-Pak ties dim.

While ceasefire violations on the LOC are becoming increasingly frequent, which according to many is a cover to allow militants to sneak into India, public anger in India over Pakistan is  scaling sky-high peaks. The scenario isn't much different on the other side of the border, where Pakistanis view India with hostility and believe that India is a threat to Pakistan's survival.

The reason for this bitterness in bilateral relations between these two countries, often described as estranged brothers, is not one particular issue, like most are inclined to believe. While Pakistan remains fanatically obsessed with Kashmir, India cries itself hoarse shouting of Pakistani involvement in terror attacks, the real impediment to bilateral ties is political immaturity on both sides.

The Governments in both New Delhi and Islamabad have resisted taking any mature step towards normalizing relations. The diplomatic blunders made by both these countries since their independence in 1947, are so numerous and complex that an explanation of this would run into several pages. Let's talk about the recent steps taken by both of them which really haven't helped at all in solving the problems which exist between these two countries.

On the 5th of June, i.e this Wednesday the honorable Indian Home Minister Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde, mincing no words launched a frontal attack on Pakistan, blaming it's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) for the partial revival of the Khalistan Movement in recent years. Whether Pakistan is actually to blame or not, is something I am going to avoid commenting on but I can surely say that his statements were most condemnable.

Even if he does have concrete proof that Pakistan actually is supporting the Khalistan Movement, there wasn't exactly a grave need to proclaim so on nation-wide media. He could have been more light at least, in light of Nawaz Sharif's recent moves to inch closer to India. But no, he choose to come out and proclaim this without providing any concrete evidence.

By announcing this, what did he achieve? He didn't really help efforts to improve bilateral ties neither did his party gain some amount of political mileage. Nor are the people of India concerned about Pakistan's supposed efforts to revive the Khalistani movement, which has long been in deep slumber. The only thing he achieved was yet another downturn in Indo-Pak relations.

India's main opposition party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) doesn't really contribute to the peace process. It continues to make efforts of making Pakistan an election issue and reap electoral dividends. It continuously ridicules any talks between the two countries, completely ignoring the fact that it was it's Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee, who visited Pakistan during his tenure. India's political parties seem to behaving different when in power and when in opposition.

Meanwhile, Pakistan hasn't been behaving so well itself. It' military of course, has constantly been trying to provoke India. In January there was this beheading incident and just yesterday, there was yet another ceasefire violation. Mr. Nawaz Sharif needs to seriously work on exercising control over the military before moving ahead with bilateral ties.

Pakistan, many a times in the past has accused India of fanning insurgency in Balochistan, where a revolt has been ongoing since many years. India of course has rubbished these allegations. The only thing that this blame-game achieved was to make Pakistanis hate India even more.

It's been almost 66 years since these two countries were born, fresh from the wounds of partition. Yet, their political leadership hasn't matured a bit. The unfortunate part is that change doesn't seem to be coming any time soon. Grow up people, you'll are 66!

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