Literally, the Opposition!

The biggest tragedy in India is that even 66 years after independence, Indian politics has yet to mature and regard it's people as little more than prospective vote-banks. This goes not only for the present Union Government led by the Indian National Congress but also for the main opposition party, the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Enough has been said to criticize the Central Government over various issues - corruption, security, external affairs, economy mismanagement, minority appeasement, dual leadership and a plethora of many more topics.

What most neutral observers miss out is the hypocrisy and politics played by our opposition, the BJP. This party is as much to blame for the current state of affairs in India as the Union Government is.

The BJP keeps claiming to be 'the party with a difference'. Unfortunately, their actions seem to be saying something absolutely opposite. Firstly, there is no denying that the BJP is far from being a secular party any time soon. The Sangh Parivar, which it is affiliated to has been linked to many a communal riots in Odisha, Karnataka, Gujarat and various other places in India. The whole Ram Janambhoomi issue which was what catapulted BJP on the national stage, shows the Hindutva mindset of the BJP.

On the corruption front, the BJP too has had it's share of scams. It's ex Vice President has been sent to jail for a bribery scam. It's former President has been accused of corruption. It's chief minister in Karnataka was the first chief minister of the country to go to jail while in office. It sacked it's Uttarakhand Chief Minister for corruption allegations. Even during it's stint at the center it was mired in a few scams. Even in Madhya Pradesh, the Government has been accused of selling land at dirt cheap rates to Sangh Parivar organisations and BJP workers. It's just that these scams have hardly received their share of media attention.

Moving on to it's role as an opposition, the BJP has performed absolutely disastrously. It has single-handedly ensured that the 15th Lok Sabha of our country turns out to be the least productive one since independence by ensure that it doesn't function until some of it's demands were met. This is hardly the way a democratic Parliament is supposed to function, but never mind, the BJP shall do what it wishes to do.

In 2010, the BJP ensured that the whole winter session was washed out by refusing to allow the parliament to function until a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) on the 2G Scam was formed. In 2013, when the contents of the Committee's report were leaked, it made a huge hue and cry about it. It started vehemently protesting against it contents and called for everyone to reject the report. So it first forced a JPC on the scam and then started protesting against the report of it's own creation. That's hypocrisy in all it's glory for you.

Recently it wasted most of the budget session this year, demanding the resignation of the UPA's tainted ministers - Pawan Kumar Bansal and Ashwani Kumar. It took matter forward by even claiming the PM's head. And now that the ministers have gone, it has decided to continue it's protest for the PM's resignation. The UPA has made it clear that the PM will not resign; the only thing that the BJP hope to gain from this 'Jail Bharo' campaign of theirs is political mileage. To top it, this is not the first time they have called for the PM's resignation. They have done so 180 times since 2004 ; and this knowing very well that nothing will come out of it.

By washing out the budget session, the BJP also ensured that bills such as the Food Security Bill, the Women's Reservation Bill, the Land Acquisition Bill, the Lokpal Bill, the Judicial Accountability Bill, etc could not be introduced in Parliament, forget being passed. These bills which featured in the election manifesto of the Congress are by large, beneficial to the country. If the Government had passed these bills, they could have claimed credit for it. Thus, with the non-passage of these bills, the BJP put itself ahead of the country and by denying the Government the opportunity to pass these bills showed it's true colors yet again.

A few days ago, the Research and Analysis wing of Moody's struck the nail on it's head by listing a BJP Government at the Center as a threat to India's economical stability for showing little interest in constructive economic policy. It would be worthwhile to remember that the NDA Government at the center till 2004, had a pro-economic reforms image. It even seriously contemplated allowing FDI in retail. Now that they are in the opposition, the BJP has been spearheading the anti - FDI in retail bloc in Parliament. With this action of this, they have effectively shed their reformist image.

The real tragedy is that while our Government is non-performing our opposition too is hardly doing exceptionally well. For a healthy democracy, we need a strong and sensible opposition. India demands a credible opposition which protects the citizens of the country from arbitrary decisions of the Government and not a political party which opposes everything the Government does for the sake of opposing it.


  1. Surya Teja TadigadapaMay 26, 2013 at 11:38 PM

    Good read!
    It is true that we need an opposition that does not oppose the government for the sake of it, but I don't think that is going to change anytime soon!Also I don't agree with the last part of the post that if BJP comes to power it will be anti-reforms! If Modi does come to power I am pretty sure that reforms will be in line! What would be worth watching though is how the BJP would showcase their change of opinion and how much of an obstruction can Congress create in their path!

  2. I disagree with your opinion that Modi as a PM will push economic reforms through. We must remember than Modi, unlike Sonia Gandhi is not the ultimate power in the BJP. Nor will he become the sole leader of the BJP like Vajpayee did due to opposition from mass leaders like Sushma Swaraj and Advani. So even if he becomes PM and wants to pass economic reforms, he needs the complete and wholehearted support of the BJP. If he doesn't get that, then any hope of reforms are over.



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